Welcome to Devarati Jewellery by Design, where each piece embodies the essence of Life, Celebrations, Beauty, Delight, and Spirit. Infused with blessings for wellness, awareness, and love, every creation is crafted with intention and care to inspire and uplift."

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Experience the essence of Canadian landscapes and inner peace with Devarati Jewellery by Design. Each piece reflects tranquility, joy, and vitality, empowering your journey of self-discovery. Customize your ensemble with matching earrings or chains, infusing your jewellery with personal intentions. Let your adornments express your innermost aspirations. Embark on a journey of self-expression with us

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Spirit of the Canadian Landscape Collection

our Spirit of the Canadian Landscape Collection: a tribute to the rugged beauty
and timeless tranquility of the Canadian Shield. Crafted with sterling silver and mesmerizing Labradorite gemstones, each piece captures the profound
connection between nature and the human spirit.

Immerse yourself in the stillness and essence of the Canadian wilderness, embarking on a transformative journey of self-discovery and inner peace. Whether you seek a deeper communion with nature or a moment of calm, our collection offers a pathway to reflection and empowerment.

Curate a personalized ensemble with matching earrings or chains, infusing your jewelry with your unique desires and aspirations. Let
your adornments be a reflection of your innermost essence as you embark on a journey of self-expression and empowerment.

Interested in crafting a personalized version of these pieces, tailored to your unique journey and aspirations? Let me know.

Explore our collection now and let the adventure unfold.

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Northern Lights and Dancing Collection

This collection is an ethereal tribute to the mesmerizing dance of the aurora borealis and the spiritual journey of self-discovery.

Crafted with intricate shapes inspired by the graceful movements of a dancer in harmony with the universe, each piece embodies humanity's eternal dance with the "Self".

Inspired by the celestial spectacle of the northern lights, our collection captures the essence of wonder, beauty, and spiritual connection. Embark on a journey of inner exploration and self-expression as you adorn yourself with these captivating creations.

Ready to join the dance of the "One"? Whether seeking spiritual depth or simply craving inspiration, our collection offers a pathway to enlightenment and self-discovery.

Shop now and immerse yourself in the magic of the northern lights as you dance through life's mysteries.

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The Journey Collection

The Journey collection includes canoe, kayak and water jewellery.

The journey collection is inspired by my exploration of nature with a canoe.  This has allowed me to explore the grandeur, space and beauty of the  Canadian Landscape, strengthen my body, increase my awareness, courage and can do attitude.  I love the sense of peace when I paddle in a canoe. 

The Journey collection is a great reminder to experience peace and the present moment.

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Infinity and Eye of God Collection

A captivating fusion of symbolism and spirituality, designed to remind you of the boundless possibilities that life holds. Are you ready to embrace the infinite potential within you?

With each piece in this collection, we invite you to explore the concept of being the infinite, and to embrace the present moment with a sense of mindfulness and presence.

Let these timeless
treasures serve as a powerful reminder to seize the endless opportunities that life has to offer.

Experience the infinite love that surrounds you and be inspired to live fully in the here and now.

Our collection is available in a variety of styles, including necklaces, lariats, bracelets,
anklets, earrings, pendants, and rings – each crafted with precision and care
to reflect the beauty and complexity of existence.

Are you ready to adorn yourself with the symbols of infinite possibility? Explore
our Infinity and Eye of God Collection today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment

This collection is a great reminder to ... Be here Now

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Equinox Collection

Inspired by the timeless symbols of the Sunflower and Moon, this collection embodies the essence of balance,renewal, and transformation.

As the Equinox marks a time of equal day and night, our collection serves as a powerful reminder of new beginnings and the endless potential for change and growth. With each piece, you're invited to embrace the journey of self-discovery and blossoming into your true beauty.

Featuring stunning sunflowers, celestial sunflower/moon motifs, and elegant crescent moons, our collection offers a variety of options to adorn yourself with symbols of balance and

Are you ready to embrace the beauty of the Equinox and all it represents? Shop our Equinox Collection now and embark on a journey of renewal, growth, and inner radiance."

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Together Collection

A celebration of unity and connection, where relationships flourish, families bond, and teams thrive. Each piece in
this collection embodies the spirit of coming together – whether with loved ones, colleagues, or oneself.

Our pendants, earrings, and bracelets serve as meaningful reminders of the importance of togetherness in all aspects of life. They make for perfect gifts, especially for Mother's Day, honoring mothers who cherish the bond of family and delight in bringing their loved ones together.

Are you ready to celebrate the power of unity and connection? Shop our Together Collection now and discover the joy of coming together in love, harmony, and shared experiences."

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  • Karen Leslie

    "My body literally got chills as soon as I opened the package with my necklace! The pieces of custom jewelry feel amazing to wear." 💙 Thank you Devarati

  • Heather Bryant

    "I love the custom music pendant Devarati made for me. It's the perfect accent piece for when I perform and any occasion."

  • Alicia

    "I just wanted to let you know how much I absolutely adore my ring! I couldn't wait for Adam to put it on, and since I've worn the two together, everyone that sees it is blown away by how unique, beautiful, and "me" the ring is. It couldn't be more perfect. Thank you so much!"

  • Anita

    "Bought a pair of earrings  at your booth during the gem show. Best little gift I could buy for myself as I feel the positive and very strong energy that it contains. Thank you for the beauty and the love you  put in your work. I believe that thus you send goodness and happiness."🌹

  • Welcome to Devarati Jewellery by Designs! I'm thrilled you've joined me on this journey. As you explore our collections, you'll find pieces crafted with love and intention, designed to celebrate your unique milestones and accomplishments. Are you ready to feel beautiful, present, and alive? Dive into our stunning necklace and earring sets, each telling a story of infinite spirit and divine vision.

    Join our VIP community for exclusive access and receive a special Gift Card, because every piece from Devarati is not just jewelry; it's a wearable reflection of your inner beauty and strength. Let's adorn your journey with elegance and purpose

  • Devarati, a name imbued with the essence of delight, joy, and the boundless love of the Infinite. With each piece of jewelry, I infuse these blessings, offering you more than just adornment, but a tangible expression of love and positivity.

    Your journey is unique, and so are your intentions. Let's co-create something truly special. Explore our about page for inspiration or share your own desires. Together, we'll craft pieces that resonate with your soul and celebrate your journey.

    Reach out to me, and let's embark on this creative adventure together. Your Devarati Jewellery by Design wish list awaits, brimming with possibilities.

    Big hug,

    Devarati Angela sammon

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Welcome to Devarati Jewellery by Design!

I am Devarati Angela Sammon and I am exited that you are here.

I hope you have fun exploring my designs that assist you to feel beautiful, joyful and peaceful.  They are a great expression of Love.