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Infinity Earrings - 14 KT Gold With Ear Hook

Infinity Earrings - 14 KT Gold With Ear Hook

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Infinity Earrings in Gold  made to order. 

  • Symbolizing Limitlessness, eternity and infinite Love.
  • Sacred Fire and Spiritual Jewellery
  • Would you like to be reminded that you are alive with endless possibilities?
  • Would you like to express with a gift of infinite Love? Great Mother's Day Gift
  • Be The Infinite ...... Be here Now
  • Infinities available in Rose, Yellow or White gold
  • Gift certificates are available

Perfect accent and accessory with the Infinity collection or for any occasion.

Gold prices will vary with market prices.  Please indicate what colour gold and what karat gold you would like to order. 

size:  40mm x 8.8mm

If interested in 14KY or 14KR please call us to place an order. 

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